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Easily track Python code quality issues in your codebase.

Import your repos

First, import your public repositories straight from GitHub or GitLab. Lintly will set up webhooks so it can check your code each time code changes.

Private repos coming soon!

Lintly will comment in your PRs

Lintly will comment in your pull requests if it detects any issues. You can even receive GitHub code reviews by inviting the bot account lintly-bot to be a collaborator on your repo.

And track your code quality over time

Lintly keeps track of your repo's code quality over time. Our handy code quality graphs will show you how your project has improved.

Grade technical debt

Every project in Lintly has a code quality score that indicates the percent of code without cleanliness issues. Get that number as close to 100% as possible!

Inspect files

Drill down into individual files to discover issues. Lintly will provide tips and links to help you fix the issues on each line.

Works with your favorite services

Lint repos in GitHub or GitLab. Receive code quality notifications in Slack.

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Who's using Lintly?

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